March 12th, 2020


Dear runners,

Dear volunteers and friends,


t is with great sadness we announce that we are forced to cancel the ONE&1 - Run to camp 2020.

We have been constantly analyzing the situation since the first measures restricting gatherings in France, particularly the postponement of the Paris Half Marathon on February 29.

We were originally optimistic that the event was not classified as a risk with the race being limited to 400 participants.

In recent weeks, we have continued to organize your adventure with the same energy as in previous months.

The public announcement of the French President this evening puts an end to our hopes of being "the last event standing". Following this announcement, we wanted to inform you as soon as possible for your planning and travel purposes.

We are very sincerely sorry. We know that this cancellation is more than just the weekend of racing, but several weeks, months of preparation. We were looking forward to welcoming you to the beautiful race course and lively camp.

Please note that we ourselves are also heavily affected by this decision. It also brings an end  to our own months of preparation. Several months where volunteering takes over our daily lives. Several months where we spend our weekend evenings with spreadsheets and logistics, even taking vacation time from our “real” jobs, with the sole aim of ensuring a perfect event.

Just like 95% of all sporting events organized in France, the ONE&1 is organized by volunteers. We hope that those of you who are disappointed will also be understanding and give all organizers the courage to revive these events in the future.

Given the personal, family, and professional constraints of the organizing team, we are unable to offer a postponement for the year 2020.

We will do our best to compensate your entry costs without jeopardizing our organization, as we have already incurred many costs for this 2-day event, most notably the logistics associated with the camp. We will therefore proceed with the following reimbursements in the coming days:

 -    Participants who took the cancellation insurance at the time of registration will be fully (100%) reimbursed

 -    Participants who did not take the cancellation insurance at the time of registration will be reimbursed 50%

We wish you to stay in good health. In a few weeks you will be able to run - even faster to make up for lost time.


Mathilde, Marie, Catherine, Katie, Sylvain, Stephan & Germain